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At Delta Vending, we are committed to offering a diverse range of quality CBD vending machine products that you hand pick from through our state-of-the-art vending machines. Our carefully curated selection features products from our renowned brands: Delta XL, WOW Vapors, Kaboom Kratom, and Dreamer Shrooms. From delectable gummies and disposable vapes to effective capsules and pre-rolls, we provide a variety of choices to cater to diverse customer preferences from a range of different cannabinoids.

Best Selling CBD Vending Machine Products
Article on Best Selling CBD Products

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Product Brands

Delta XL

Delta XL takes CBD to the next level with its premium range of Delta 8, Delta 9, and HHC products. Our Delta XL offerings in the vending machines include mouthwatering CBD-infused gummies that are a perfect balance of taste and wellness, and a variety of pre-roll options.

WOW Vapors

Experience the WOW factor with our assortment of WOW Vapors products. Our vending machines stock easy-to-use, flavorful disposable vapes from WOW Vapors, designed to provide users with a soothing and enjoyable CBD experience.

Kaboom Kratom

With Kaboom Kratom, the focus is on potency and purity. Our vending machines carry Kaboom Kratom capsules, offering a potent and reliable CBD solution for those who appreciate the powerful benefits of Kratom.

Dreamer Shrooms 

Dreamer Shrooms combines innovation and quality in its unique product lineup. Our vending machines include Dreamer Shrooms D9 + Lion’s Mane gummies, providing a novel and convenient way to enjoy the natural benefits of CBD.

Your Brand (Private-Label)

At Delta Vending, we understand the value of brand identity and offer an exclusive private-labeling service that allows you to make both our high-quality products and advanced vending machines completely your own with your company’s logo and design aesthetics. 

The leadership behind Delta Vending has roots in the CBD industry dating back to 2017. With a sister company acclaimed for its CBD manufacturing across the United States. While these businesses stand distinct from each other, they share a symbiotic bond that enriches their offerings. At Delta Vending, we use our existing private label expertise to help partners make a mark. It’s a unique opportunity for brands to enter the CBD Vending Machine business and increase their brand value. 

Our Premium CBD Vending Product Selection

At Delta Vending, we take pride in delivering top-notch CBD vending machine products to match the evolving needs and preferences of our customers. Browse our selection to find the perfect product that aligns with your wellness goals. Rest assured that our Delta Vending machines are regularly restocked with these popular items, ensuring your favorite CBD products are just a touch away.

Unlock the potential of CBD with Delta Vending and our selection of quality products.

Experience convenience, variety, and the power of choice like never before!

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