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Step into the future with the ever-evolving North American market! As cannabis laws shift, there’s a fresh wave of opportunities just waiting to be tapped. Our Cannabis Vending Machines are not just machines; they’re your gateway to harnessing these opportunities right from the outset.

At Delta Vending, we understand that every location has unique needs and space constraints. That’s why we’ve designed a versatile Cannabis vending machine to provide the ideal solution. Each of our machines is carefully engineered to blend seamlessly into its environment while taking advantage of the ever-growing Cannabis & CBD market.

Slim, Versatile Design

Our vending machines showcase an intentionally slim design, perfect for locations with limited floor space. Whether you operate a bustling convenience store, a compact shopping mall kiosk, or a tranquil wellness center, our machines are tailored to fit. Free-standing or wall-mounted, our machine’s sleek design ensures it won’t impose on your space but rather, enhance it.

Cannabis Vending Machine

Custom Software 

What truly sets our machines apart, however, is our custom software. We have replaced the machine manufacturer’s standard software with our own proprietary system. This state-of-the-art technology offers a suite of features designed to minimize your ongoing cannabis vending machine operating costs and lower merchant processing rates.

CBD Vending Machine Interface

Industry-Leading Age Verification 

A standout feature of our custom software is its industry-leading age verification solution. In an industry where age verification is paramount, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure regulatory compliance without compromising on your profits. While other vending machine providers charge a dollar or more per age verification attempt, our system costs just a fraction of that for each successful verification. This advantage will set  your cannabis vending machine apart in the market.

Convenient CBD vending solutions!

Private Label Machines & Products 

At Delta Vending, your brand’s identity is paramount. While our journey as a premier vending service began in 2023, our expertise is rooted in our founders’ experience in CBD manufacturing since 2017. This deep-seated knowledge positions us uniquely to offer private labeling for both our cutting-edge vending machines and top-tier products. By choosing our private labeling, you’re tapping into years of industry know-how, ensuring that every machine and product is infused with quality, customized to resonate with your brand’s aesthetics, and tailored to stand out in the market. 

Cannabis Vending Machine Products

Join the Delta Vending family and capitalize on the booming cannabis & CBD industry with our sleek, space-efficient, and technologically advanced vending machines. Enjoy higher profits, full regulatory compliance ready, and the convenience of a compact footprint!

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